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    Kathleen Rice Adams

ISBN: 978-1503191655

Prodigal Gun

by: Kathleen Rice Adams

When a carpetbagger’s barbed wire sparks a Texas range war, a widowed rancher arms herself with guns and grit. Neither will be enough to protect her when a hardened gunman hired by her enemy threatens the heart she thought she buried with him long ago.

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Books of Kathleen Rice Adams
Prodigal Gun November 2014
Peaches July 2014
Rancher Jessie Caine buried her heart with the childhood sweetheart Yankees killed on a distant battlefield. Sixteen years later, as a Texas range war looms and hired guns arrive to pursue a wealthy carpetbagger’s agenda, Jessie discovers the only man she ever loved isn’t dead.

At least not yet.

Embittered by a brother’s betrayal, notorious gunman Calhoun is a dangerous man, come home to do an unsavory job. A bushwhacker’s bullet nearly takes his life on Jessie’s land, trapping him in a standoff between the past he tried to bury and the infamy he never will. One taste of the only woman he ever loved puts more than his life and her ranch in the crossfire.

With a price on his head, a debt to a wealthy employer around his neck, and a defiant woman tugging at his heart, Calhoun’s guns may not be enough to keep him from the grave. Caught between his enemies and hers, Jessie faces an agonizing choice: Which of her dreams will die?


ISBN: 978-1503191655
Publisher: Prairie Rose Publications
Publish Date: November 2014
Page Count: 324

Editorial Reviews The minute I opened this book and read the first line, I stepped back into the old West. I knew I was in the hands of a masterful storyteller. No one knows more about Texas, past or present, than Kathleen Rice Adams and she uses her knowledge to add depth and heart to her story. If you only read one western historical romance this year, it needs to be this one. I recommend it to anyone who wants a story that will grab you and not let you go until the last word. It's well-written, full of emotion with characters that leap off the page and into your heart. I can't wait to see what Kathleen Rice Adams writes next. I'll be first in line for it. —Linda Broday, NYT/USA Today best-selling author #### Prodigal Gun is a riveting western in the rich tradition of The Virginian, Duel in the Sun, and Shane. Ms. Adams vividly and accurately evokes the wild and woolly west with a modicum of well chosen, descriptive words and phrases, but best of all her larger than life characters capture your imagination and wring your heart of every ounce of emotion. I was thoroughly enchanted. This is a keeper. —Parris Afton Bonds, NYT/USA Today best-selling author
Meet the Author
Award-winning author Kathleen Rice Adams is a Texan to the bone. Leave the upstanding, law-abiding heroes to other folks; in Kathleen’s stories, even the good guys wear black hats. Find out more about her by visiting her PRP author page, her website, and her Amazon page.

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Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback



“Prodigal Gun”

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