• Kathleen Rice Adams



by: Kathleen Rice Adams

When a strong-willed schoolteacher invades an irascible rancher’s Texas range, not even the spirit of Christmas may be able to prevent all-out war.

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Books of Kathleen Rice Adams
Prodigal Gun November 2014
Peaches July 2014

Running a ranch and fending off three meddlesome aunts leaves Whit McCandless no time, and even less patience, for the prickly new schoolmarm’s greenhorn carelessness. The teacher needs educating before somebody gets hurt.

Ruth Avery can manage her children and her school just fine without interference from some philistine of a rancher. If he’d pay more attention to his cattle and less to her affairs, they’d both prosper.

He didn’t expect to need rescuing. She never intended to fall in love.


Publisher: Prairie Rose Publications
Publish Date: July 2014
Page Count: 50

Editorial Reviews This sweet historical western romance short is great fun, and Ms. Adams brings humor and depth to a quick read. Not to be missed. — Kristy McCaffrey, award-winning western romance author #### “Peaches” is not the first story set in 19th-century Texas, nor the first tale of a gruff, old rancher and a widowed schoolteacher. But then, this story is not told by an average author. It is a treasure set apart from the others by Kathleen Rice Adams, a gifted storyteller who uses her skill, experience, and patience to create characters so real that we swear we know them. With her attention to detail, Adams makes us live in the story as it happens, makes us care about the outcome, and plants the events in memory for a long time to come. What a pleasure to read a story so well-told. —Frank Allan Rogers, western author
Meet the Author
Award-winning author Kathleen Rice Adams is a Texan to the bone. Leave the upstanding, law-abiding heroes to other folks; in Kathleen’s stories, even the good guys wear black hats. Find out more about her by visiting her PRP author page, her website, and her Amazon page.

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